Taking One Step Forward

I’ve been fighting a lot with my boyfriend these past weeks. I haven’t agreed to see him this week since I was so pissed off at him. I hate people who force me to lead lifestyles that I think and know are unhealthy. Get this: he wants me to hang out with his friends who smoke every single minute and drink liquor whenever they can. Okay, so that’s how they bond and enjoy their lives, but that’s not how I do it! And it pisses me off that he doesn’t understand that. I’m having a really hard time trying not to fight with him.

Things have been kinda going slow for the first month of this project but I’m optimistic. Things will get better as soon as I develop the habit of keeping my goals in mind. Which, I believe, is very soon.

And to prove that claim, I took a small step forward in my goal of completing the 26 Things Photographic Scavenger Hunt. I printed out the most recent (May 2007) and previous lists so I can start the hunt. Hopefully, they put up a new list next month so I can do that too.

Oh, and I am also trying to type using the proper keys. But it’s sooooo hard. Good thing I took a keyboarding class this semester. I hope that by the end of the sem, I’ll be the master typist. Hahahahaha!

Good luck to me! ❤


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