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So many things have changed since I started this blog (and many others after it).

Please head over to my new blog to find out what’s been going in my life these days.

And I sincerely apologize for not responding to your comments. I lost the password to this account and just found a way to recover it.


A Recap of 2007

This is how my 2007 went in terms of my 101-in-1001 list.

7. level up Ragnarok priestess to 99/70
I’ve decided that I won’t do this anymore since the Philippine Ragnarok Online Community pretty much sucks now no matter how they try to revive it.  Too many bots and too little people who actually play.  I don’t really want to waste my money on this even if I totally enjoy playing.  I think I’ll spend my money on something more beneficial… and maybe morally uplifting.

9. learn to decently play the brass flute and perform 3 pieces
I started relearning to play the flute last December.  So far, I know 5 notes: F, E flat, C, D, and B flat.  I tried playing Mary Had a Little Lamb but I think I’m not ready yet.  Got to keep practicing!  And I think that sooner or later, I have to find a teacher who can help with the scales and more advanced stuff.

16. learn to bake: COOKIES!
Yes, I have finally learned how to bake cookies.  My new boyfriend Steve taught me.  We made really rich and stroke-inducing cookies.  It’s actually really easy.  I thought it would be rocket science or something.  But all you have to do is measure the ingredients, mix them all together, put on the pan and bake them!  I’m going to try baking cookies on my own one of these days.

20. learn to type with proper fingers
I’m happy to say that I finally can type without always looking at the keyboard!  Woot woot!  But I’m still at 40 wpm on the average.  I’ll keep practicing.

29. no junk food, candies and sweets for 3 months
It was really hard at first but I must say that it was a very effective diet plan.  I felt cleaner, lighter and freer.

32. learn about Greenpeace, join and be active

No success here.  They were at the mall again a few months back and I still didn’t sign up.  I feel bad about myself.

33. be a Habitat for Humanity volunteer
I tried contacting them through their website but no one has tried to get in touch with me.  I even filled out that volunteer form but still nothing.  Their office here in Cebu is really out of my way so I can’t just go there when I so please.  Hohum.

38. have an inventory of the clothes I have and donate those that I will never ever wear
Yes! Finally did this!  I thought this would never get done.  And amazingly, my sister’s clothes got sorted too.  I thought that we would be naked after the whole thing but fortunately, we still had some clothes left to wear.  And you won’t believe how much clothing we gave away to our relatives.  I totally forgot to take pictures because this goal slipped my mind. We were busy cleaning up the whole room, too.

76. walk 100 miles
This is going at a snail’s pace because 1) I am lazy, 2) School keeps me up at night sometimes and 3) I keep getting cough and colds.  I wonder when I’ll be able to finish this.

83. buy Php 300 Smart load using my own money
I don’t really use my Smart sim that much so maybe that’s why I never made an effort to spend my money on load.  I did start using Sun Cellular last December.  And I did buy Php300 Sun load with my own money. I guess I’m crossing this off then.  This is not even a technicality. I’m going to have to buy my Sun load with my own money every month.

I really hope that 2008 will be a more productive, focused and aware year for me.  I’m still getting the hang of this.

Tuesday’s Attraction: ?

Honestly, I still don’t know what to write about on Tuesdays. I was thinking maybe about something inspirational or something feel-good-y….. I’m not sure. But I think, this Tuesday I’ll talk about a song I heard on the radio this morning.

Alicia Keys – Like You’ll Never See Me Again

I’ve been kinda paranoid these past few months especially about this new relationship I’m in. I think it’s because of how the previous one ended: the ex had a fling of sorts with another girl. I guess I was scared it would happen again. Until recently, I kept getting scared that my boyfriend would drop me off at my house and I won’t ever see him again. I forgot about my decision to live in the now and to just enjoy the moment. And then, just today, my mind has been plagued with thoughts about things ending suddenly, or him getting tired of me, stuff like that.

I guess hearing that song was a blessing. I should really just live in the now because the future doesn’t really exist except in our minds. In my mind. And this isn’t just about my relationship. It’s applicable in every aspect of my life.  Not the song.  The philosophy of living in the now, I mean.


We have some progress!

Actually, it’s just tiny.  I read two books from Oprah’s Book Club.  I’ll try writing something about it soon.  Like this week.


Music Monday!

For the theme of this day, I am absolutely sure of! Music is the perfect way to start off the hectic week ahead. I’ll try to include all kinds of music, that’s my promise. I’m not the same person as before who didn’t appreciate anything if it didn’t have distorted guitar riffs and screaming. My taste has considerably widened over the past several months. I won’t even try to give commentaries or whatever about how they sing or play or where the artists stand in comparison to other artists. I am humble enough to admit that I have no authority to do so. I just like music and the high it gives me. And I must admit, I am more of an emotional listener and I look out more for the lyrics and message of the song. The technical side is not really my specialty.


I’ll start the year off with three songs that I recently took a liking to.

Colbie Caillat – Realize

I liked her song Bubbly but I like this one so much better. There is a more melancholic feel to this song and these days, that’s how I feel. When I first heard this songI think I would like to post this in my ex’s Friendster comment box but then, I don’t think there is a need. He’s suffered enough.

This song also makes me think of the times when I made realizations too late or when my epiphany came a moment too late (But then again, at least I learned something, right?… Than none at all! That would have been much worse….). Life’s weird in so many ways.

Flyleaf – Fully Alive

I just discovered Flyleaf last year probably because I’ve been living in a cave all these years. Or maybe because I didn’t really want to listen to them before. I think Lacey has a really nice voice, not always pleasant to listen to – can get nasally or something -, but it’s not that bad that I wouldn’t like them or their songs.

I really want to feel the way she describes the persona in the song (Layla, I guess…): ready to smile, believes in some kind of future, ready to love and embrace life…. I guess FULLY ALIVE.

Duncan Sheik – For You

I think that next to Adam Sandler’s Grow Old With You, this is one of the sweetest songs anyone can sing to the love of their life. It’s short but truly heartfelt.


I guess that’s it for this week.

Oh, and I just want to say that I can’t live without music.  It’s an addiction that I don’t want to get rid of.  I hope I’ll be addicted forever.  It’s my lifeline.  I’m addicted to the emotional side of it more than technical but still, I’m addicted.  Once, I went on a hiatus and listened to almost nothing except what I heard on the road and in vehicles… I almost went crazy!  But I think it did me a bit of good.  It made me more open to different kinds of music genres because it kind of removed most of my definitions/expectations/judgments about music.  I emptied myself, so to speak, and allowed more beautiful things to fill me.

Hope, Love and Peace everyone!(^_^)\/

Boring Mondays

It’s the day to go to my classes again but I’m here at home, bumming around, doing nothing productive. I just want to give up this time and let myself rot from the lack of education. I’ve hated school anyway even if I did good in my classes and was usually in the upper half of the class. The only good thing about it now is my boyfriend.


Actually, I’m depressed and sick. A little bit of both. I’ve been up all day yesterday reading till 4 am. And in between the pages, I’ve been crying during the most random times.

So here I am, updating my blogs and doing a little youtube with our 56k connection. I don’t like waiting. I like the pain I get from waiting. I’m a masochist so I can stand the loading time. Anyway, since my hard disk got wiped out from the power surge several months ago last year, my music library now sucks. I’m not really in the mood for Steve’s Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins, so I didn’t bother with the mp3 cds he lent me.

I really hate the way my year is starting. But maybe I’ve brought this on myself with all the negative energy that’s been building up in my during the last quarter of 2007. The law of attraction, so they’ve said. Oh, boy! If that’s the case, then I guess I better prepare myself for loads of unfortunate stuff this first part of 2008. But then maybe, if I change the way I think as early as today, then maybe my luck will change.

If it wasn’t for Steve and our freakin’ thesis paper, I would withdraw from all my subjects now.

But so much for my unfortunate start-of-the-year.

What I want to tell whoever stumbles on my blog that I am taking on a new thing here: THEMES!!! Yes, themes for a certain day of the week. So I’ll be posting more regularly and with more variation but still within my interests. Isn’t that great? Hahahaha! I think that I’m the only one thrilled by it. But hey, what the heck?! I’ll enjoy it, anyhow.

Here are my ideas for the themes:

Monday – Music Monday (What better way to start a hectic week!)

Tuesday –

Wednesday –

Thursday –

Friday –

Saturday –

Sunday – Something-for-Someone Sunday (I think I’ll do something -big/small – for someone… even someone I don’t really know that well. It will be my day to do something grand amidst all the little good deeds I’ll try to do during the week.)

This was really just a spur of the moment decision so I haven’t really thought of anything yet. Expect this month to be the trial period for this mini-project.

Have an amazing 2008 everyone!

Day 1: 365 Days Project

This is a side project I’m doing.  I know I’ve been slacking off on my 101 goals but I don’t know, vanity calls.

I’ll be posting the pictures one day late most of the time.  Depends on what time I get to take the picture and go online to post.

Taken: Jan. 1, 2008

Day 2 (Jan. 2, 2008) coming up!