Got A Haircut!!!!

Weeeeeeeeee!!!!!! I got a new haircut! It looks like my old hair in the picture but in reality, it’s a whole new thing. I feel so empowered for some reason. Maybe because this is a big step for me. I got bangs and the whole asymmetrically thingy. It’s crazy. Then this morning, I dyed my hair black using henna. I look so different and I fel so sexy. I used my heels today in school and I walk with confidence. I felt like the whole world was mine.

I hope to feel this way all the time starting from today.

Because there is no other way that I want to feel like.

It is so exciting to feel this way. I haven’t felt anything remotely like this for sooooo goddamn long!

Peace! ❤




2 Responses

  1. I felt empowered when I dyed my hair black too. I felt…bikerish, lol 😉

  2. Hehehehe….ü Actually, I already have dark hair. But I wanted it reallyyyyy black. And yeah, makes me feel badass too.

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