Music Monday!

For the theme of this day, I am absolutely sure of! Music is the perfect way to start off the hectic week ahead. I’ll try to include all kinds of music, that’s my promise. I’m not the same person as before who didn’t appreciate anything if it didn’t have distorted guitar riffs and screaming. My taste has considerably widened over the past several months. I won’t even try to give commentaries or whatever about how they sing or play or where the artists stand in comparison to other artists. I am humble enough to admit that I have no authority to do so. I just like music and the high it gives me. And I must admit, I am more of an emotional listener and I look out more for the lyrics and message of the song. The technical side is not really my specialty.


I’ll start the year off with three songs that I recently took a liking to.

Colbie Caillat – Realize

I liked her song Bubbly but I like this one so much better. There is a more melancholic feel to this song and these days, that’s how I feel. When I first heard this songI think I would like to post this in my ex’s Friendster comment box but then, I don’t think there is a need. He’s suffered enough.

This song also makes me think of the times when I made realizations too late or when my epiphany came a moment too late (But then again, at least I learned something, right?… Than none at all! That would have been much worse….). Life’s weird in so many ways.

Flyleaf – Fully Alive

I just discovered Flyleaf last year probably because I’ve been living in a cave all these years. Or maybe because I didn’t really want to listen to them before. I think Lacey has a really nice voice, not always pleasant to listen to – can get nasally or something -, but it’s not that bad that I wouldn’t like them or their songs.

I really want to feel the way she describes the persona in the song (Layla, I guess…): ready to smile, believes in some kind of future, ready to love and embrace life…. I guess FULLY ALIVE.

Duncan Sheik – For You

I think that next to Adam Sandler’s Grow Old With You, this is one of the sweetest songs anyone can sing to the love of their life. It’s short but truly heartfelt.


I guess that’s it for this week.

Oh, and I just want to say that I can’t live without music.  It’s an addiction that I don’t want to get rid of.  I hope I’ll be addicted forever.  It’s my lifeline.  I’m addicted to the emotional side of it more than technical but still, I’m addicted.  Once, I went on a hiatus and listened to almost nothing except what I heard on the road and in vehicles… I almost went crazy!  But I think it did me a bit of good.  It made me more open to different kinds of music genres because it kind of removed most of my definitions/expectations/judgments about music.  I emptied myself, so to speak, and allowed more beautiful things to fill me.

Hope, Love and Peace everyone!(^_^)\/


To Say “No”

Jay (my boyfriend) has a death metal band called Black Miasma. They asked me yesterday to sing with them for a song called Nymphetamine by Cradle of Filth. I like the song and I have no problem with the people in the band.

But I said no.

I don’t know how my boyfriend felt about my answer but I really felt like there was no other answer but that. I have other goals and purposes in entering the music world which includes moving people into action (no matter how idealistic that sounds) and stirring the apathetic minds of the people. I don’t know if that’s also Black Miasma’s goal. I can’t join or guest in another band just yet. I might forget my goals if I do. Considering the events in the past (I joined another band even if they didn’t share in my goal and sometimes even belittled it)…..

So yeah. This is how it’s going to be. I have to start my idealistic little band before I can commit to others.

*edit* The stuff about my idealism and music still hold true but there’s too much about Jay and his little band. So that’s why I’m putting this in The Past category. =p

It’s Been Right Under My Nose!

Damn. My bestfriend actually has the same goals as me when it comes to music. I cannot believe this!

And yet, it’s not too late.

Violence Against

This entry was supposed to be about school. And then I had to go and listen to At The Drive-In. Their song Invalid Litter Department really upset me. Not because I hated it. But more because I finally understand the song.

Everyday I acknowledge my need for music. Music is my drug, my addiction. I cannot live without music. And I have this dream: to be a rock star. Even if I know that I am not very good, I have this sincere desire to use it to make people aware of what’s going on in our world.

Anyway, going back to ATDI’s song. It speaks of the violence against women in Mexico. Women workers in American factories are raped, killed and are left in the desert to die and rot. The cases remain unresolved and many still seek justice for the deaths of their mothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, grandmothers, aunts. It breaks my heart to hear something going on like that. Well, the song was written a few years back but I don’t think there has been improvement. I’ll go check when I have more time.

I am really happy that one of the bands that I admire are using music to touch the social awareness of the people around them. Music has become this big institution. Many people are part of it: listeners, musicians, producers, record companies, etc. I am really proud to know that there are really some who take the power and publicity they have to make a difference, no matter how small.

I have been in and out of bands for the past couple of years. I guess I’m not moving forward in this dream is because I haven’t found the right set of band mates who share the same vision-mission as I have. If I really am to fulfill this dream, I have to stay true to what I wanna do and what I wanna say to the world.

*edit* I was in a hurry the last time I posted this entry that I forgot to add the video clip of ATDI’s song.

At The Drive-In – Invalid Litter Department