A Recap of 2007

This is how my 2007 went in terms of my 101-in-1001 list.

7. level up Ragnarok priestess to 99/70
I’ve decided that I won’t do this anymore since the Philippine Ragnarok Online Community pretty much sucks now no matter how they try to revive it.  Too many bots and too little people who actually play.  I don’t really want to waste my money on this even if I totally enjoy playing.  I think I’ll spend my money on something more beneficial… and maybe morally uplifting.

9. learn to decently play the brass flute and perform 3 pieces
I started relearning to play the flute last December.  So far, I know 5 notes: F, E flat, C, D, and B flat.  I tried playing Mary Had a Little Lamb but I think I’m not ready yet.  Got to keep practicing!  And I think that sooner or later, I have to find a teacher who can help with the scales and more advanced stuff.

16. learn to bake: COOKIES!
Yes, I have finally learned how to bake cookies.  My new boyfriend Steve taught me.  We made really rich and stroke-inducing cookies.  It’s actually really easy.  I thought it would be rocket science or something.  But all you have to do is measure the ingredients, mix them all together, put on the pan and bake them!  I’m going to try baking cookies on my own one of these days.

20. learn to type with proper fingers
I’m happy to say that I finally can type without always looking at the keyboard!  Woot woot!  But I’m still at 40 wpm on the average.  I’ll keep practicing.

29. no junk food, candies and sweets for 3 months
It was really hard at first but I must say that it was a very effective diet plan.  I felt cleaner, lighter and freer.

32. learn about Greenpeace, join and be active

No success here.  They were at the mall again a few months back and I still didn’t sign up.  I feel bad about myself.

33. be a Habitat for Humanity volunteer
I tried contacting them through their website but no one has tried to get in touch with me.  I even filled out that volunteer form but still nothing.  Their office here in Cebu is really out of my way so I can’t just go there when I so please.  Hohum.

38. have an inventory of the clothes I have and donate those that I will never ever wear
Yes! Finally did this!  I thought this would never get done.  And amazingly, my sister’s clothes got sorted too.  I thought that we would be naked after the whole thing but fortunately, we still had some clothes left to wear.  And you won’t believe how much clothing we gave away to our relatives.  I totally forgot to take pictures because this goal slipped my mind. We were busy cleaning up the whole room, too.

76. walk 100 miles
This is going at a snail’s pace because 1) I am lazy, 2) School keeps me up at night sometimes and 3) I keep getting cough and colds.  I wonder when I’ll be able to finish this.

83. buy Php 300 Smart load using my own money
I don’t really use my Smart sim that much so maybe that’s why I never made an effort to spend my money on load.  I did start using Sun Cellular last December.  And I did buy Php300 Sun load with my own money. I guess I’m crossing this off then.  This is not even a technicality. I’m going to have to buy my Sun load with my own money every month.

I really hope that 2008 will be a more productive, focused and aware year for me.  I’m still getting the hang of this.


Violence Against

This entry was supposed to be about school. And then I had to go and listen to At The Drive-In. Their song Invalid Litter Department really upset me. Not because I hated it. But more because I finally understand the song.

Everyday I acknowledge my need for music. Music is my drug, my addiction. I cannot live without music. And I have this dream: to be a rock star. Even if I know that I am not very good, I have this sincere desire to use it to make people aware of what’s going on in our world.

Anyway, going back to ATDI’s song. It speaks of the violence against women in Mexico. Women workers in American factories are raped, killed and are left in the desert to die and rot. The cases remain unresolved and many still seek justice for the deaths of their mothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, grandmothers, aunts. It breaks my heart to hear something going on like that. Well, the song was written a few years back but I don’t think there has been improvement. I’ll go check when I have more time.

I am really happy that one of the bands that I admire are using music to touch the social awareness of the people around them. Music has become this big institution. Many people are part of it: listeners, musicians, producers, record companies, etc. I am really proud to know that there are really some who take the power and publicity they have to make a difference, no matter how small.

I have been in and out of bands for the past couple of years. I guess I’m not moving forward in this dream is because I haven’t found the right set of band mates who share the same vision-mission as I have. If I really am to fulfill this dream, I have to stay true to what I wanna do and what I wanna say to the world.

*edit* I was in a hurry the last time I posted this entry that I forgot to add the video clip of ATDI’s song.

At The Drive-In – Invalid Litter Department