Boring Mondays

It’s the day to go to my classes again but I’m here at home, bumming around, doing nothing productive. I just want to give up this time and let myself rot from the lack of education. I’ve hated school anyway even if I did good in my classes and was usually in the upper half of the class. The only good thing about it now is my boyfriend.


Actually, I’m depressed and sick. A little bit of both. I’ve been up all day yesterday reading till 4 am. And in between the pages, I’ve been crying during the most random times.

So here I am, updating my blogs and doing a little youtube with our 56k connection. I don’t like waiting. I like the pain I get from waiting. I’m a masochist so I can stand the loading time. Anyway, since my hard disk got wiped out from the power surge several months ago last year, my music library now sucks. I’m not really in the mood for Steve’s Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins, so I didn’t bother with the mp3 cds he lent me.

I really hate the way my year is starting. But maybe I’ve brought this on myself with all the negative energy that’s been building up in my during the last quarter of 2007. The law of attraction, so they’ve said. Oh, boy! If that’s the case, then I guess I better prepare myself for loads of unfortunate stuff this first part of 2008. But then maybe, if I change the way I think as early as today, then maybe my luck will change.

If it wasn’t for Steve and our freakin’ thesis paper, I would withdraw from all my subjects now.

But so much for my unfortunate start-of-the-year.

What I want to tell whoever stumbles on my blog that I am taking on a new thing here: THEMES!!! Yes, themes for a certain day of the week. So I’ll be posting more regularly and with more variation but still within my interests. Isn’t that great? Hahahaha! I think that I’m the only one thrilled by it. But hey, what the heck?! I’ll enjoy it, anyhow.

Here are my ideas for the themes:

Monday – Music Monday (What better way to start a hectic week!)

Tuesday –

Wednesday –

Thursday –

Friday –

Saturday –

Sunday – Something-for-Someone Sunday (I think I’ll do something -big/small – for someone… even someone I don’t really know that well. It will be my day to do something grand amidst all the little good deeds I’ll try to do during the week.)

This was really just a spur of the moment decision so I haven’t really thought of anything yet. Expect this month to be the trial period for this mini-project.

Have an amazing 2008 everyone!