Things Unsaid. Part Two.

continuation of Things Unsaid Part One.

6. It’s nice that we’re closer now. Before, I was really shy in your company. I thought that you wouldn’t be able to understand me and my thoughts. But we’re alike in more ways than I thought possible. You are a real friend. You’re one of those few people I can count on. You may be a bit naughty and ungentlemanly but you’re still a very nice guy. You are one of the few guys I have respect for. And thank you for that suprise kiss during my 20th birthday. To me, that was a stepping stone for our friendship. To have a guy kiss me without any malice is a good sign. That was one of the best gifts I have ever received in my life. To me, that was like you telling me that our friendship is pure. And don’t worry, your meant-to-be will come. Just wait. I’ll even personally tell her how lucky she is to have you.

7. I don’t talk to you anymore because I can’t stand how needy and dependent you are. I know I should be more understanding but I can’t take it. You’re a smart girl. You know what you should do. I’ve been trying to help you but it seems that the more I hang out with you, the more I get pulled down with you. I know better so I chose not to stick around. But I know you know that I’m just here for you if you need a friend; I know you find it hard to approach people. Just be open to changes and new things in life. And remember to treat yourself well. Don’t allow that guy to make you feel bad about yourself. Don’t depend too much on him. I’ve seen how he lets you down. Tsk tsk tsk. Things will get better. Life is waiting for you… live it and enjoy!

8. I wish I could just go and live my life the way I want it. But as of now, I need your financial assistance. And a little bit of your age-old wisdom and worldly knowledge. I feel sad for you because you never got that school girl romance thing and because of that, you don’t know what to tell me regarding relationships. And since your first and only boyfriend also became your husband, you seem to expect every that every relationship I go into will end in marriage. I don’t know when I’ll get married. Or if I ever do. I’m just enjoying the time with my boyfriend. That’s all. No need to be all serious. But thank you for trying to always be there for me. Thank you for loving me despite all the stupid things I have said and done. I know you weren’t ready for me.

9. I remember when we were still in high school. We were really close friends. It was kind of hard for me, though, because I was depressed that time and you were a really happy-go-lucky person. I felt like I was always raining on your parade. And that one time when you really told me that I was kind of a burden because I kept telling you my problems. You and that stupid kid we hung out with. I think that’s when I didn’t want to hang out with you guys as much as I wanted to. But now, I find that even though we have gone separate ways, we’re still good friends at heart. Not talking for months doesn’t really stop us from sharing things with each other. It’s as if we’ve always been talking and spending time with each other. Hanging out with different crowds doesn’t stop us. It’s amazing. I hope that you’ll get the most out of life. And don’t worry about the stupid fucks that come your way. I know that you know your worth. I just hope that you never ever forget.

10. I don’t know how you’ve been these past 13 years. I hope that you’ve had and have good friends. Because you fuckin’ ruined my life. For just a short time, though. Until I found a good friend in high school who wasn’t “plastic” with me and told me to my face when I was being a bitch. You just plain sucked, you know that? For an 8-year-old, you sure were adept in the ways of the corrupt.

-to be continued-


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  2. Uhm, you’re welcome?…. Hehehe! =p

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