Flying Objects and Imagined Indifference

Yesterday was totally crazy! It was raining like hell and it was too windy for my taste. They said it was Lando who came for a visit. Signal #1 in some places and #2 in other places. I didn’t really care. I just wanted to go home and sleep my fever off. And guess what. My Physical Science teacher said he was going to hold classes. Stupid man. He said there was no memo of no classes. Aren’t the flickering lights and brown outs every 15 minutes memo enough for you? Or the wind and rain? Or the flocks of students heading out the school building? Tsk tsk tsk.

But the rain was not the thing that bothered me most. It was Steve.

I feel awfully guilty about asking him to come with me to the seamstress in the pouring rain. He got really wet on the way to the place. And then I asked him if he wanted to ride a taxi or a jeepney for our trip back to school. We decided on a taxi. It was all okay until we got to our destination. He had to pay me Php40.00 for the taxi fare. Then when we got off, I noticed that something was on the taxi seat. I thought it was just his pen but “it” was actually his two ball pens and his mobile phone! Waaaaa!!!! He ran after the taxi and got even wetter. The driver probably saw him but didn’t bother to stop anyway. He lost his phone just like that. He said it was okay but I still felt really guilty. I still feel guilty.

And what’s more is he seemed very distant that afternoon. He acted like he didn’t care. It was so weird. I walked to his classroom even with all the wind and rain and all I felt was irritation or something. All I know is that it was a negative emotion. Then I called him when his class was dismissed and he acted, again, irritated. Damn it. I’m probably imagining all this but I don’t know, it seems so real.

It’s been a crazy day. To top it all off, my fever got a bit worse.

But today, the sky is clear and the air is crisp. I don’t know if i should feel better or not. But I’m thinking that maybe I should. It’s too beautiful a day to pass up.


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