Something Deeper

Me and Steve!Last night, I went out with my new boyfriend Steve. It was so much fun. I got to meet his friends who turned out to be really nice people. We went out drinking (but I didn’t drink; I don’t drink…) and just talked and had fun. His sister and her boyfriend made fun of us, clinking the beer bottles and chanting “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” Then when I didn’t see it coming, he gave me our first public kiss. After that, I just couldn’t stop kissing him. Hahaha. I have this thing with kissing. I really like it. On the cheeks, on my hand, a smack, a full snogging session. I don’t know. I think it’s sexier and more exciting than sex.

Anyway, the thing with me and Steve is we have this connection that goes beyond physical. Not to be shallow or anything, just being frank and all, he is not my type physically. I like guys who are tall, lanky (those with a typical skater boy physique) and someone with a bit of color. But he’s kinda overweight (in his own words) and pale (still his own words). But he’s really smart, really open *evil laugh*, mellow (opposite of me), really nice and sweet. He’s nothing like anyone I’ve ever dated–as they’ve all been a-holes, jerks, fucktards and freeloaders. Plus, I love his hair and his eyes. I hope he never cuts his hair. And his eyes, they make me feel like Helga from Hey Arnold. Go figure.

My favorite thing about him is how I can talk to him about anything. In more ways than I could with Jay. If I thought that I could say anything to Jay, I was wrong. Because with Steve, ‘anything’ involves the past, the crappy, the funny, the intellectual, the creative, the erotic, the nonsense, the future… and so many more. I think it helped that we were friends for more than a year before becoming a couple.

I’m so happy I said yes to him. He really respects me. And he’s so sweet. I have no regrets because for the present, I’m happy with him.


2 Responses

  1. woohoo! i know nag-apil2x ko coz we don’t even know each other. lol…

    but this is such a feel-good post!

    all the luck 😀

    to happy futures!

  2. Okay ra oie. Saunz ka.

    To happy futures!!!

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