Moving On….

I broke up with my boyfriend last week Thursday.

I’ve been debating with myself this past week about whether to write about this or not. But I guess that it’s time I do. To signify moving on.

I found out that my ex, then boyfriend, Jay cheated on me. He had a crush or something on this girl and decided that he wanted to do something about it. Maybe he got tired of the way I was being with him or maybe he was just looking for some kind of back up to the fucked up relationship we had… but it doesn’t really matter why he did it because it was wrong, still is, and I don’t know when I will be able to forgive him for this.

These days, I’m just trying to move on. I don’t have any trust left for him now. So getting back together is not an option. Sure, I miss his constant companionship, his amazing voice, his rockin’ guitar skills, his poetry, his kisses… okay, so I miss him. But I guess that’s just normal. It has only been a week, you know? What I don’t miss is him cheating on me, lying in my face, being a lazy ass and all that. Definitely outweighs all the good stuff. And I now know better than to settle for less.

Which brings me to the inevitable: I’ve got a new boyfriend!

Yes! This soon.

But for me it’s okay because I’ve been friends with this guy for almost over a year now. I’ve liked him even when I was with Jay (but I didn’t do anything about it since I’m not that uncontrolled). And it turns out that he likes me back. And so now, we’re boyfriend and girlfriend. He asked me last October 19, Friday, after an amazing day of nature tripping and crepe.

My problem now is how to make Jay see that I’ve moved on. He should be moving on too. Because it’s annoying me and Steve (my new guy) that he still keeps calling me by our nicknames and he still keeps telling me that he misses me and he loves me. Maybe if I tell him that I’m already in a relationship, he’ll back off. Hmmm….

So yeah, this is my messed up love life.


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