I Need Closure

Wait For You

By Marie Denise Cristobal

They say time heals all wounds;
Someday I’ll cry out all my tears;
Slowly my broken heart will heal.

But until then,
will all our promises
remain unfulfilled?
Will forever be nothing
but a reality that eludes us?
Will all the songs from our hearts
be forgotten melodies?

Only time will tell.
Only fate can bring us to that moment
where we decide
if our destinies lie within each other.
Only time will tell.

And until then…
will I wait for you?


4 Responses

  1. Good question.

  2. songs from our hearts forgotten melodies indeed. loved it.

  3. @tomachfive
    Yes, good question. For now, I’m trying to live in the present. According to the Buddhist teachings, the past and the future are not real. The only real thing is the present. So must I wait? Will I wait?….

  4. @jak
    Thank you. Our relationship revolved around many things besides the two of us. One of those things: MUSIC. And now, it makes me wonder if all the songs we sang and made will just be a part of the past. Huhuhuhu…..

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