Dad, I Forgive You… Not!

It’s the end of the school year and it seems that I’m messing up more than ever.  I just want to get things over and done with now!

And it’s all because I want to get away from my damn father.  He makes my blood boil!  It’s so hard to find the heart to forgive him for the many bad things he’s done to our family.  He just keeps messing up.  And I cannot believe that my mom doesn’t want to fight with him.  I don’t know what she’s scared of.  I know they’ve been together for quite some time now, but….  Oh, I don’t know.  I guess that’s just who my mom is.  Forgiving.

But I’m not like her and I do not love my dad the way that she does.  I think that my dad is a spoiled man.  And I just want to snap him out his fantasy world.  I want to tell him that his slacking around is not doing anyone any good.  AT ALL.  He let our business go down the drain.  All that work during summer just went to waste.  I hate it but I have to live with it.  Because of him.

All he does is play his online games.  He gets mad when he can’t play for one day.  He is so demented.  That’s all I can say.  I hate him so much.  I don’t know what I can do to make all of this stop.  What I’m doing now is being nasty to him when I can remember.



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