I Can Already Taste the Sweet Ice Cream on My Tongue…

Oh my god!  It’s almost October 7. 

That means my goal to avoid candies, sweets, ice cream, cake, cookies, chocolate and junk food is almost over.  I cannot wait to eat gelato.  Yes! Gelato! Not just any ice cream.  Italian ice cream!!!!


In a way, I am happy this is ending.  Because I finally have a choice.  I can now test my self-control that I’ve gained over the past three months.  I can finally say to myself that I am not missing out on anything by choosing not to eat whatever sweets I see because for three months, I had none.

I’m so happy that I made it this far!!!!! I think I’ll keep this up.  


One Response

  1. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog and yay! I’m from the Philippines, too.

    I can’t imagine what you’re going thru, giving up sweets and all.

    I’ll link you up. Your painted-shoes idea sounds cool. 🙂

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