Friends Forever

It’s 3 in the morning here and I just woke up from a few hours of sleep. I have this heavy feeling inside of me because the play is over. It’s so weird that the Friends Forever experience is over. I cannot believe it. Two months of practicing and then it all ends after three days. It was just all so fast. But not that I’m not happy about all this. At least I can have my life back. Hahaha.Some of the Friends Forever cast and crew


sleeping early. I really thought I would enjoy all the late nights. But I don’t. Nothing beats an eight to ten hour sleep.
waking up refreshed. Not battered and still sleepy.
my friends. I haven’t hung out with Isser, Jimboy and Miko in so long!
my boyfriend. Sorry Pang for putting lower in the list. I miss hanging out with Jay.
Saturdays and Sundays. Oh, yeah. I’ve almost forgotten that they exist.
internet. Going online.
trying to make music.
my sister’s birthday. Oh my lordie. Sorry Dans! I didn’t mean to….
being a student. Yes, I actually miss this. Weird.
being Denise instead of Cathy or Kenny. I miss being myself.


I can actually dance! It’s so amazing! I cannot believe that I actually memorized five songs worth of dances. Amazing! My family was amazed and so was I. Let me just bask in the feeling of pride I have for myself.
– I haven’t sang, like really sang, in a loooooong time. In high school, I was part of the choir. But when I reached college, I stopped singing. All I did was be in bands. I kind of miss singing the proper way. I miss the sound of my own voice. Thanks to Friends Forever, I got to sing again.
FRIENDS! I didn’t know I could have so many friends. And people with really different personalities. I will really miss everyone! Ardy, Felson, Kevin, Krista, Wilmar, Frances, Kim, Nin[y]a, Nin[y]o, Lester, Gretchen, RJ, Tinay and Genesis!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (an exclamation mark for each of you) I know we’ll still see each other in the halls and all that, but it will be really different from spending 4 hours straight with all of you.
theater experience. I’ve always loved theater. I’ve love the stage, trying to be my character. I just love it.
I got complimented by our director. Whether he intended them as compliments, I don’t really care because I feel flattered. Twice! It makes everything worth it!Me and Ardy
lost a few inches. Wahehehe. All the dancing was worth it.

Oh, I don’t know. It’s so hard to put into words the whole experience. It’s just been such a blast. My mom watched the play 4 times! My sister said I was hot. My dad said I was a good dancer. My friend Steve said it was badass that I could rap.

It’s just amazing. Even with all the problems, fights, misunderstandings, hot-tempered blow ups, the panic, the nervousness. It’s just been soooo darn fun. I wouldn’t trade anything for the experience.

But it’s now back to reality. Back to being a student. It’s almost finals week and I still have so many requirements to complete. Yet somehow, I feel like they’ll be all pieces of cake… hahahahahaha. After Friends Forever, I think I can tackle anything.

Rock on!


One Response

  1. Hi Denise!

    How are you…
    am glad am able to contact you through this…

    do you still have your own copy of the songs for Friends Forever? i think i left my copy in one of our practices…

    May i borrow your copy?may i also borrow lyrics of the songs especially IS There Anybody Out There?

    I really need it. I hope you could help me in this..

    Thanks much.


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