The Apathetic Student

I was once that kind of student who didn’t belong to any organization except the “default” group we had to join because of our chosen program. I had all the free time in my world since I had no activities to worry about, no meetings to attend, no members to follow up. I was a free student with little responsibility. It’s not that I don’t like having so much responsibility; I just hate being so busy and being so stressed out. And I just so happen to have a very low stress tolerance. Which is a good thing since I do not need a whole lot of stressing to know that my body, mind and soul already needs a break.

This year, I thought of stirring this up. I didn’t want to live a boring student life this semester. So I joined our organization’s musical production. Being part of Friends Forever has changed so many things for me this semester. I’ve been exhausted for the majority of the sem. I’m messing up my classes. I’m messing up my biological clock. I’m missing out on myself. But I’m also gaining theater experience. And lots of new friends, which is probably the best part.

I know that after this, it will be kind of a let-down for myself if I go back to being the apathetic student. I’ve been to the dark side and it’s not so dark after all. I actually enjoy doing something productive for once. I like being proud of myself–that even through all the sleepless nights and crappy grades, I’m making it through. And the best thing about all this is that some people think I’m actually a good performer. That makes things a little easier and lighter for me.

I think the apathy is slowly lifting. And I think it’s about time because I was starting to get a little too comfortable in my chair.


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