Business with Mom

Oh goodness! I never thought that going into business was going to be so damn hard.

My mom and I just started a new business: hand painted shoes. My boyfriend, Jay, is the artist. My mom provides the capital and I do the marketing. Yes, I know that I said that we were going to start a health food business. But this is what happened. Just going with the flow.

Anyway, I thought that going into this business was going to give me a bit of independence. But I guess I thought wrong. I thought that the relationship between me and my mom would be business-like when we talk about plans but no…. I realized that my mom will probably never think of me more than someone who’s her daughter. She doesn’t treat me like a business partner or anything remotely close to that. I hate it so much. She asks me for my opinion on some decisions we have to make and I give them to her thinking that she’s going to take me seriously. Turns out, she doesn’t.

She asked me how we should go about selling the shoes. I told her that we should prepare some shoes that are already painted so transaction would be faster. She insisted that we should consult the costumer on what design he/she might want. I said whatever. Then I found out this morning that she called my uncle and asked his opinion. And then she wakes me up and tells me what he said which happens to be the exact same thing I friggin’ suggested.

Next, she asked me for the price. I told her P500.00 would be just fine for the shoes and the paint job. She thought it would be too expensive. Then she asked my best friend and he said P500.oo would be just right. She pondered his suggestion and seemed to take it.

Damn it! I hate being treated like this. I tried to tell her and she says “Are you this sensitive when going into business?” Who the hell wouldn’t be upset. My opinions were sort of dismissed. She makes all the decisions for the “company.” I might as well back out. Our target markets are not even similar. She plans to cater to school children while I plan to cater to whoever can and want to buy artsy shoes.

I don’t know how to tell her this without hurting her feelings. Though I think that my failed confrontation a while ago already did.

I really want to make a business out of my passion for funky accessories and clothing. But I don’t want to do it when I have to answer to my mom who doesn’t even see this the same way I do. This was supposed to be my refuge. She just happened to have the financial resources.

I guess I have to find a way to make this work. With or without her. I have to find a way to just follow my passion this time. And not just do something because it makes money.

For me, this business wasn’t going to be about the money. It was going to be about me sharing my passion for artsy shoes and my boyfriend’s talent. It was going to be about me finding a responsibility that I look forward to.

It’s just ruined. For now.


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  1. “No one has traveled the bridge of success without ever crossing the streets of failure”,,,,the trick to life is simple….”live it with passion!”…you have it….no doubt you will make it! I am an artist from manila and i’m planning to enter in the same kind of business.Any pointers/tips on how to get started?Can you send me photos of your products? Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!PS.As regards to doing business with mom,i guess it will be a good idea to draw the line.To enable you to take your “company” to the direction you want,you can convince her to just loan you the capital,thus vital decisions on how to run your business will be up to you and your hubby alone.But with this approach,the hardest part is paying up the loan,unless you can strike a reasonable payment term with your Mom.You and your hubby will have to work double time to be able clear the loan,but hey…you will be calling the shots…whether you make it or fail…you followed your heart… your passion !GOOD LUCK

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