I Can’t Believe I Danced All Day!

I feel so utterly wasted today. My legs hurt. My knees hurt. My butt even hurts. Dancing for one whole day was fun but today… oh, boy, NO FUN AT ALL. But I’m not complaining. Just saying my body hurts like hell. But it’s exercise and I’ve dying to do some for quite a while now so I’m happy about all this.

I just want to say that yesterday was so cool. Why? Because I’m not much of a dancer and I was dancing yesterday for the play I auditioned for. The choreography wasn’t that hard but still, with someone like me dancing, it would have taken days to learn the dance. Yesterday, I learned the dance quite well. Needs some improving but I’m proud of myself.

Oh, and last night, after the dance rehearsal, my boyfriend came over and we worked on the song we’re trying to make. So happy that we finished the first two stanzas and the chorus. Now we only lack the last two stanzas and we’re set for Friday’s performance in school. Maybe I’ll post a video of us performing our composition here or something.



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