Think Big, Start Small

First off, I would like to say kudos to The Mars Volta band or group or whatever they would like to call themselves. Because they make fuckin’ good music. Oh, what the hell am I talking about?! They make fuckin’ amazing music! The arrangement rocks! And the vocals give me an eargasm. Like dood!


Anyone who hasn’t heard their music should definitely check this out: Go now! Oh, wait… Maybe you should finish reading this crap entry. Hahahaha!

Anyway, I was thinking of really making music with my boyfriend. I was going into this whole I-need-to-do-this-perfectly syndrome when this business show came on and some guy gave the advice to think big and start small. It reminded me that before I can walk, I need to learn how to crawl first.

Same goes with my dreams, plans and goals. I need to be patient and just do things to my right pace. I am also bound to make mistakes and do some things wrong but those are the things that will make me grow.

So yeah, maybe someday, I’ll grow up to be like The Mars Volta.

Or better yet, I’ll be my own kind of rocking musician.



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