Backbiting Biatch

Sometimes I just can’t keep my mouth shut. I don’t mean when it comes to keeping secrets. I meant, when it comes to commenting about other people. Maybe others would call me a backbiting bitch. And maybe I really am one. But seriously, I can’t help it.

Somewhere in the Bible, and the Ten Commandments, it says that if you can’t say anything good about anyone, don’t say anything at all. I’m not really religious or a devout Christian for that matter. But there is wisdom and serious truth behind some of the messages it contains.

My point is, I should stop this backbiting business I have going on these days.

It makes me think sometimes that lying is a better alternative than hurting someone by telling the truth about what you think about them. But then again, I know it’s just plain wrong. Lying is lying no matter what your reasons are for doing so. And I actually believe this. Even if I’m a big liar.

Now, I think the dilemma is clear: backbite or say up front that I dislike someone.

But I’ve been thinking about this for years now. And I think I know the solution to all this: think positive. About people and their actions. I really know there is good in everyone. Even if they’re Hitler’s minions.

I’ve been trying to do this for years now but somehow I still ended up being this backbiting bitch who can’t keep her mouth shut. It’s so hard to keep believing in someone’s innate goodness when they believe in their own nastiness. It’s too much for one person who does not have a heart of infinite love and compassion.

However, I think I’m getting better at ignoring people I do not like. Yes, until I figure out this whole say-something-nice-or-just-shut-up thing, I’ll just ignore them when it comes to casual matters. Nicely ignore them. Not snub ignore them. Ignore them in a nice and subtle way. Or put plainly, I’ll be civil to their faces.

I find life easier this way. No hatred, no nasty tongue action–the backbiting, I mean–and just civility with all mankind.

Until I learn to have a heart of gold.


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