Shaking Knees

It’s not what you think I mean. Hahahaha! Dirty minded people.

Last Saturday, July 21, I auditioned for a musical that was being produced by my organization in school. I was really planning to be part of the production staff because I wasn’t really into te story of the play. But somehow, I ended up auditioning for the cast. I had to sing and dance. Singing was okay since that’s really my thing. I’m not really really good but I like the way my voice sounds because it’s unique. Like it’s nice in a different way. No, this is not another way of saying I’m deaf toned or something. It’s just that, maybe I need to project it more.

So, the dancing auditions came up and I had to create a 32-step action without music. I don’t really know how to dance. Well, I can dance when the steps are taught but I can’t create dance moves. I’m just not a dancer in that sense. So I danced folk steps since that’s what I usually dance when I’m fooling and playing around with my sisters. The “judge” laughed and I laughed. We all laughed.

But the point is, I got in. Well, not in IN. Just in so I was called back for the acting auditions which was last night. We had to sing again. And this time to the overall director.

Boy, that was the first time I ever felt shaky in the knees because of nervousness. Waaaaaa! It was crazy. Even my jaw was shaking. I was so scared. Because this time, my goals have changed.

You see, when I first auditioned for singing and dancing, I was just playing around. Nothing serious. So I wasn’t really nervous. But last night, it was all about being part of the cast. I felt like I had to be better than everyone. So that’s why I was so effin’ nervous.

I don’t know if I officially got in. I sort of hope I did. I I need something to keep me busier. Hahahaha! Something that I enjoy, that is. Something like theater which I have set aside for so long. Anyway, we’re all just waiting for the results.

*keeps fingers crossed*


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