No More. No Less.

One thing I like about my Bilingualism teacher (who was also my Introduction to Linguistics teacher) is that when she asks us to make a report of sorts, she expects us to give her what she asks of us. No more. No Less. The exact thing(s) that she ask(s) is what she expects to get from us.

I’m so happy about how our report went yesterday. More so because my sleepless night didn’t go to waste. And she actually looked impressed about our analysis. We kept it short and simple. We gave her what she wanted and we just played it by her rules. Everything went well.

That event made me realize that I, too, can be graceful under pressure. Not just those super genius people who stay up all night making their reports and still look like models in the morning. Well, I cannot achieve that well rested look without the proper sleep but what makes me happy the most is how I was able to manage not to be so bipolar the next day. I actually felt a bit perky except for my colds.

The key to all things: DO NOT OVERTHINK THINGS. Well, for me anyway. Because as I look back, all my worries and stressors came from me. Overthinking the simple things. And overstressing the unimportant. So yeah, I’m keeping things simple now.

Or at least I’m trying.


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