Sleepy and Nearly Deaf


Yes. I’m very sleepy. It’s 2 A.M. here and I’m still awake. I envy my parents and sisters who are already asleep. And my partner who went home early. I’m doing the report all alone. I don’t really resent her. Or blame her for going home.

We’re going through this scareddy-cat phase.

Okay, let me tell you what happened:
Last Monday, I went to the mall to buy a micro cassette tape for our recording session with a bilingual child. On my way home, in a jeepney full of passengers, a guy sat beside and reached into his pocket for some fare. He purposely rubbed his arm against my waist. I was beginning to get mad. Then after a few people got off the jeep and we – me and the guy – were a few inches apart, he started “caressing” my elbow. I was cold with anger and I couldn’t stop myself from shouting at him. He started getting defensive but I didn’t back down. I was so relieved that he moved away from me. What a perv!

Yeah. So that’s why my partner and I are kinda scared to go around riding public transportations. Especially late at night.

Anyway, I still have lots of words to transcribe using the IPA system thingamajig. I’m going deaf listening to the tape over and over again. And I still have to make an analysis. This bilingualism thing is really brain-cell consuming stuff.

I wonder what my future will be after this whole thing. Hahahaha!

My only consolation is the thought of seeing my boyfriend tomorrow afternoon. Oh! And also that I’m graduating next year!


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