Update Re: Ragnarok Priestess

I don’t think that I should waste my time leveling up my priestess anymore. The Philippine Ragnarok Online community effin’ sucks. Our internet connection at home is dial-up crap. Now, my friend says that even with her DSL connection, pRO still lags. Imagine what it would be like for me!!!!!!!!

I am not that selfish.

Got to think this over.

To level up or not to level up?….

This too hard. I love my priestess too much. The thought of not being able to play is too horrible. But the thought of going on is too expensive. So I’m torn. And it’s a sad state to be in. I don’t know what to do.

Maybe I should just cancel out this goal and put another one in its place. Something not too expensive and time-consuming. Something that will do more people some good. Or even something to improve myself.


Any thoughts on this?


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