In the Classic Denise Fashion….

I am failing badly at the whole follow-through thing. Damn. It.

But the show must go on. Failures are welcome in my world. Because I learn from them. That’s when they cease to be mistakes and failures.

I haven’t read the newspaper for two weeks now. I just glance at it and feel the distaste rising in me. It’s all politics and stuff. Stuff that I absotively abhor. I can’t stomach fighting government officials. With all their egoistic blabber and dumb faces. So yeah. Two weeks now.

I still haven’t written a review for Sophie’s World. Classes already started and I had to adjust my schedule. However, I am catching up on my 1-classic book-per-month goal. I’m reading Faulkner’s The Sound and The Fury. It’s a modern classic and I didn’t specify. So it counts. Hehehehe!

I was into my first month of not eating sweets, junk food, processed stuff and canned food when I just broke down and ate tons of peanut butter. Good for me. NOT. But I rebounded quite well and went for two weeks without any of the banned things. And then I had to go and have PMS. I started craving all the things that are banned and bad for me. Last night, I ate quite a few packs of cookies. When I woke up today, I reminded myself that the binge was over. So I ate oatmeal and drank tons of water. For lunch today, I ate a tuna sandwich.

I’ve been late for two of my classes this semester. Which is a good record for me because two weeks into the sem means a lot of late classes for me already. I’m happy! I have three more semesters to clean up my act. I swear I shall perfect the art of punctuality this time around!

I tried practicing with the bass guitar a few times but to no success. I stop after fifteen minutes. And I still can’t get the courage to pick up my flute. It’s daunting when I think about all the things I have to relearn and remember.

My dad just found a way to make our sewing machine work and even if it’s just there, waiting for me to turn it on, I still can’t get the nerve to plug it in. The reason? The thought of all the hassle of cleaning it and threading. But I just told myself I’ll do it this weekend.

And you know, I was presented with the opportunity to buy a street kid a healthy meal but I pushed him away. Just because I didn’t have a camera to capture the moment. How selfish of me. It made me rethink my purpose of doing the whole “Being Part of Society” thing in my list.

And so that was quite a long list of failures and setbacks. Hopefully, the next time I update, it will be an accomplishment.

Time for class!


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