Week Two Update

Another week has passed.

It has been so much easier for me without sweets and junk food. The family’s not eating too much processed and canned food now. My mom’s been cooking a lot lately. But mostly fried fish and menudo (pork, raisins, liver spread, carrots, garbanzos, potatoes).

Still not getting off my butt for my 100 miles goal. Which means I’m still not losing weight. Just maintaing. So I guess it’s still better than gaining. Because that would totally suck.

Last night, I was out on the sidewalk with my boyfriend when a balut vendor came walking by. I wanted to buy one and finally try eating it but I just didn’t have the guts. I was too scared and too disgusted. I still cannot understand why people like eating it. My boyfriend kept insisting me to try. No way. Not yet. Maybe some other night. But I will really do it. I swear. I just need to. For some unknown reason.

I’m starting to drink soya milk to get my venture into vegetarianism started. I’m actually starting to like it. It’s the aftertaste that I absolutely abhor. Damn it. Just hate it.

I find that I actually like reading the newspaper. But still not getting into the habit of reading it everyday. I read it approximately twice a week now. Which is better than not reading at all. I think that the reason why I don’t like reading (or even watching) the news is because I get too mad at the stupid politicians and elites in the world. Especially in the Philippines. Damn them all!


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