If I Were Rich, I Would Make a Free School.

I am so sad about the status of education here in the Philippines. It is so unfortunate that no matter how important education really is (for a country’s foundation AND the personal growth of an individual), it is not given much thought and importance. Two of the news articles in SunStar (Saturday, June 2, 2007) that made me stop and read were about the education in Cebu City. Good news and bad news.

The Good News

Governor Gwen Garcia is giving out free supplies for public school teachers and students. The city government is now looking for bidders for the supplies they need. I really hope that this plan pushes through. It’s the LEAST they can do for teachers slaving away and students trying to learn in environments that are not conducive for the said activity.

The [Really] Bad News

Mayor Tomas Osmena has stopped the construction on the front building of Lahug Elementary School. All because of a letter that was supposedly sent by former Lahug Mayor Mary Ann de los Santos to her constituents that said that the mayor has not done anything for the barangay. He is moving the project to Talamban. I bet that he made that decision when he was angry because it’s a very STUPID and WRONG one. How can he put the children’s future in jeopardy because of his political relationship with the former mayor?!?! It’s between them and not the children’s fault. He’s the mayor of the city, a grown man at that, but it seems like he has not emotionally matured enough to handle things objectively. Tsk tsk tsk. I do hope he realizes what a wrong decision he has made.

And like in my title, I would really build a free school for those who just can’t have the education they are supposed to have. That’s one of the things that I would really like to do if I become rich. Or if I were handed the resources. My mom said that there is a free school ran by a retired teacher near Southern Islands. It’s for mentally challenged kids. It would be great if Cebu had more of these people.


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