Week One Update

Whew! One week just passed and yet, it already feels like a lifetime. I’m so new at this being-so-motivated-that-I-want-things-to-be-accomplished-NOW mode. And I keep telling myself to slow down because it doesn’t work that way.


Where have I made dents in:

26. go vegan

I thought this would be a piece of cake since I’ve been planning to do this all my life. But it is really presenting itself to be a huge challenge. Especially after I cooked a meal out of beans, bean sprouts, carrots and tofu. I hated the damned tofu! Oh, the good news is that I’m learning to like soy milk. I like the strawberry flavored one better, though. I need it go to this store that sells all soy products. But I need to find it first.

29. no junk food, candies and sweets for 3 months

Well, this is working quite well. Been curbing my cravings with thoughts of finally crossing this number off my list and also with bread. Delicious, freshly baked, cheese bread. Yesterday, my mom bought about 50 oatmeal cookies and without much thought I ate it. Then began stressing that maybe it belongs to the category of sweets. But I was also thinking it was not since it was oatmeal and raisins. Kinda healthy (though calorie loaded) if you think about it. So I’m cutting myself some slack. And I also drank sikwate which is a chocolate drink that’s made from cacao bar thingies. My mom made it yesterday morning so it’s all natural.

30. give up processed and canned food for 3 months

This one is kinda hard because my mom prepares this for breakfast when she’s in a big rush to get to the office. What I do is forage through our fridge looking for leftovers. We’ve had canned tuna and corned beef for breakfast this week and I haven’t taken a bite out of either. Oh lordie!

42. read the newspaper at least once a week for one year

I started reading the paper yesterday because last week’s was probably all about the elections in this god forsaken place. I hate the elections because there is no point to it.

64. finish reading Sophie’s World

I’m half-way through the book after just a week of burying myself in it. I surprisingly really like the story. NOW. Because unlike before, I was reading it like I would read a school textbook. Now I’m reading it like a fiction novel with bits of philosophical truths in it. I’m going to try to write a decent book review of it when I’m done. I’m predicting that that would be next week.

76. walk 100 miles

I really wanted to get off my butt this week and put on our Walk Away the Pounds video. But I just couldn’t. I was feeling really drained and it was all because of my period. Which finally came yesterday. Oh, sorry for the details. Now, I’m feeling more drained because of the cramps but I will try to walk tomorrow. I have found that exercising helps. And I will be 4 miles nearer to my goal.

79. do own laundry for 3 months

I started to wash my own clothes and it was hell. Good arm workout, though. I’m finally fitting into the sleeves of my shirts. Sadly, this has been cut short because I forgot to take out my clothes from the laundry basket and the laundry lady got to it first.



I guess that’s it for now. Just keeping things in check.



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