Heavy Metal and You by Christopher Krovatin (review)

1 Sabra Cadabra – Black Sabbath
2 Wasted Youth Crew – Blood for Blood
3 Hallowed Be Thy Name – Iron Maiden
4 Procreation of the Wicked – Celtic Frost
5 Night Prowler – AC/DC
6 Living After Midnight – Judas Priest
7 The Amen Corner – Opeth
8 Enthrone Darkness Triumphant – Dimmu Borgir
9 More Human Than Human – White Zombie
10 Total Disaster – Vader
11 Bring the Noise – Anthrax & Public Enemy
12 The Toxic Waltz – Exodus
13 Don’t Let ’em Grind You Down – Motorhead
14 Head Like a Hole – Nine Inch Nails
15 Cruelty and the Beast – Cradle of Filth
16 This Love – Pantera
17 The Beautiful People – Marilyn Manson
18 Practice What You Preach – Testament
19 Wait and Bleed – Slipknot
20 Terrible Certainty – Kreator
21 Nemesis Divina – Satyricon
22 Before Dishonor – Hatebreed
23 South of Heaven – Slayer

All those songs may seem like a playlist but in reality those are the titles of the 23 chapters in the book. I just added the artists to make a point that those ARE songs.

I bought “Heavy Metal…” on an impulse yesterday and in 6-7 hours, on and off, I devoured it whole. It was written in a very conversational style. As if the main charachter, Sam Markus, was just telling a story to his bestfriends Irish and Brent. The author, with his love for music, incorporated the age-old symbols of listening to music – the stop, play, pause, rewind and fast forward buttons – to tell the story. Throughout the story, there is a sprinkle of heavy metal bands, artists and music. There is a moshpit experience in the story. I mean, what would a book infused with heavy metal be without the moshpit?! However, you don’t really need to be a heavy metal fan to love (or like) the book. Because what still prevails is the story of a love gone sour.

I really fell in love with the book the moment I read the first sentence until the last because I love music and I am a sucker for love stories. Sam knew who he was: a metal-head. He has been for so long that when he fell in love with Melissa, a preppy girl, his world became rocked in both positive and negative ways. He finally found someone with whom he can be himself with. Because with his friends, it seemed like they were just about joking around and getting wasted. On the other hand, even though Melissa appeared to be cool about his lifestyle, she slowly made it clear that she just wanted him to change. It is not my place to let you know who he chooses: her or heavy metal, her or his friends. You definitely have to read the book to know!

A great read.

Rating: 5/5


6 Responses

  1. I am curious what the book tells because it sound that you really enjoy you read. I will have own copy of that because I really love heavy metal too.

  2. Well, you don’t really need to love heavy metal to like the book. I think it’s great in itself. You should definitely try to read it. \m/

  3. this book was really good!! haha im named after the metal band ^^^^ lol so it was cool to read my name in a book…u should rite another one!

  4. i loved the book even though my mom read it and said it was filled with slander

  5. loved this book!

  6. I loved this book. I had a total metal-head boyfriend and im not necessarily a preppy girl. im tattooed and pierced all over with black hair. But we lived together for 10 months. At the end of that 10 months things started going horribly downhill for us. I read this book, and it helped me realize that maybe we just werent ready for each other. It really helped me let go of him. and the best part about it, my boyfriends name was Sam 🙂 5/5

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