The First Day

I woke up today and gladly remembered that it’s the big day! I decided that I would start working on the following goals:

26. go vegan
27. lose 20 lbs
29. no junk food, candies and sweets for 3 months
30. give up processed and canned food for 3 months

When I sat to eat breakfast, there it was – canned sardines! Whew! I almost forgot that I was on strike for those kinds of food. Good thing there were eggs, too. I ate that and left over fish from last night.

I went out with my boyfriend last night at a local bar where my cousin was going to play. Weirdly, we didn’t fight. I showed him my list and at several items he chuckled. I wonder why. Then he started saying discouraging things and how I mishmashed everything together and it will be hard for me to accomplish some things because of this. He can be such a jerk at times.

But no prob. I’m pumped up because I overcame my first hurdle (the canned sardines). It’s going to be alright.


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