Ignorance is probably the most deadly disease in the world. For some, it may be equated to bliss but really, it cannot be pure bliss. For the most part of the aftermath, you may even end up wishing you had known.

But the thing that really gets me about ignorance is the pain it can cause people. A person having a bad day may be seen as someone with an attitude problem. A person who is easily irritated may be thought of to be overly sensitive. When someone detests a particular thing or activity, others may think he/she is crazy. Little do they know, that the person who is having a bad day is depressed… or that the irritable person is having a bad case of emotional instability… or that someone he/she loved died because of that activity.

Who knows why people act the way they do? Maybe no one really does. So it’s completely pointless to judge. Or to even speculate their predicament out loud. It’s their life for pete’s sake. Let them be. Or do something positive. Not gossip about them.


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