I have not written here in a while for the sole reason of being so busy with school. Yeah, school is more important than life. It sucks that I think that way. Because the hell, it’s not one bit true. I hate that I feel obliged and compelled to churn out amazing grades and show some outstanding class performance. I just want to stop having this mentality that I am doomed if I suck in school. I need some serious time out from these societal obligations.

But amidst all the shitty thoughts in my mind, I can still see beyond the academe. I have plans for summer which is coming up in three weeks. And I don’t care if I pass some classes or not.

Summer Plans

1. Custom Notebook Business

Yup. I plan to make a business out of my love for great personalized notebooks. If our thoughts are so unique and personal, why not create journals and notebooks that are just as personal and unique. I just wish people in Cebu will find this as interesting as I do.

My mom’s helping me with the technical stuff. My boyfriend will be my artist since he’s my favorite graphical artist in the world. We’ll be doing the binding ourselves once I actually learn how to do it myself. And we’ll be using recycled materials to help the environment.

2. Be a Musician

But I wanna be myself when I do it. I don’t wanna make music because it’s now an in thing here. I just wanna sing because I believe music is everyone’s property.

3. Continue Studying Japanese

I’m actually pretty good at it. I can already create sentences. And I can read and write hiragana and katana. I also need to do so because I’m gonna take the Japanese Language Proficiency Exam this December.

So far, that’s it. Not that anyone cares. Hahahahaha.


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