Do We Really Need So Much?

One of my good friends in life and in school has been pestering me for so long about post-modernism and a minimalistic lifestyle. I’ve deflected all effects for so long, too. However, one day it just hit me. Yesterday, Sunday, specifically. It just hit me.

“Do we really need so much? Do we really need this much?”

Our ancestors did just fine living the way they did. They survived day to day life. They had families and communities. They had their share or responsibilities. Sure, we see their lifestyles as very crude and impractical and just full of crap. But is that because we have tried living the way they did… or is that because we’re comparing the our life with theirs?

Come on! Is our lifestyle any better than theirs? Because I don’t think so. From my point of view, we’re not, in any way, better off than they are. What material pleasures we have more of today, we lack just as much on the things that matter the most. Like love and peace. And respect and tolerance. Like understanding and solidarity. It’s a crazy life we have now. Too crazy to comprehend. Not because life is really complex in itself. But because we make it more complex than it already is.

We must demented to think that a plasma TV and a high speed computer is better than love and peace. For me, those two, the TV and computer, just don’t cut it. There’s so much more out there! Too many mysteries to revel in, to ponder on. Television just blur reality. There’s nothing real there. Even in those so-called reality shows. Nothing real there.

I’ve been so keen on being rich and having all the things I’ve always dreamed about. Now I want to be keen on living a simple life. As Stacie Orrico’s song goes, “Less is more, more, more.” I don’t know if she walks the talk or if she’s all lip service. But I’m not here to judge her. Because what she sang is true. Less is more.

I won’t die without that new mobile phone there. My own works just fine. I can text and call. I can listen to the radio. I can even take pictures. That’s more than enough!

I don’t need a new computer. The one we have here is just fine. Enough disk space, enough RAM. It can even read DVDs. I can play Ragnarok Online with just a few minor problems. I can do my reports and my projects here. I can watch a movie. I can listen, edit and record songs. I can watch, edit and make movies. That’s more than enough.

The clothes I have are just fine. Mostly black, which actually works for me. I have enough skirts to last me years. I can borrow pants from my sisters and mom. My 2-year-old Chucks work just fine. I can still walk without hurting my soles. Nothing wrong there.

Our rented house is just fine. Small but it protects us from the weather. Our two cars are more than enough. I could even live without the Crosswind. The beat-up FX can still take us places. All cars work the same. Anyway, we all meet at the stop light no matter how fast the car goes.

Oh my goodness. I am so blessed. If there’s such a thing as being over-blessed, I guess I qualify. I have all I need. I have shelter, clothes, food, water, an education, transportation, enough money, a family, a loving boyfriend, friends who don’t expect me to be anything. I’m waaaaayyyy over-blessed.

I should end this entry. It’s already so long. I really didn’t have to say much because I pretty much said anything in the first few paragraphs. Less is more, remember? I just got excited.

P.S. I hope we all live a life of non-violence. Let’s fight for peace and love. For solidarity among men and women. These are the important things we so badly lack. Eliminate all physical, social, religious, and racial borders! We’re all made of the same stuff.

You either get tired fighting for peace, or you die. ” – John Lennon


6 Responses

  1. Maybe what you have missed in really researching history is the lack of acceptance and tolerance. More wars were fought and more people died than they have in the past 100 years. Look at Israel, there has been war there since almost the dawn of man… and even though that war is still raging there a lot less people that die there as a result. The world as a whole is a lot better because we have grown emotionally and mentally. Technology is a bi-product of that growth.

    I think I live a pretty minimal life compared to others, but I have chosen that. I learned at a young age that material things cannot make you happy. So now I work from home for minimal pay because I would rather be home doing what I like to do rather than making lots of money that I can’t take with me when I die.

    But anyway, try to think of technology and material advances of the bi-product for having the population become a lot more intelligent… mentally and emotionally. I don’t want to go back to killing native americans and viewing anyone different as being bad. We are getting farther and farther away from that. We are not there yet by any means, but it will happen eventually. I have faith in evolution… it has worked so far.

  2. I never really did any research on history or even recalled any of the in-depth history classes I had. So what I wrote was from the stock knowledge I have. I have nothing against science and technology. Nothing at all. In all reality, I enjoy it. And it has saved my life a couple of times. However, about people being more emotionally and mentally mature… I have to think twice about that. Because I don’t really know. Man’s stupidity will outlive anything, I guess. Forgive me for being cynical.

    My life is far from minimalistic. I love expressing what I feel inside by doing something physical to celebrate it. But I’m learning. And I am, by no means, preaching that people should live a minimalistic lifestyle. That’s too much. It’s their choice, not anything for me to dictate.

    Yes, the population has become more intelligent. No one has to kill any Native Americans. But going back to viewing anyone different as being bad?… Goodness, I think we’re still there. No need to go way back. I don’t think discrimination has even gone away. Which is sad, by the way.

    Peace out!

  3. Everything here revolves around a mere contradiction.

    We do not display the wit of a needle nor descry the sin of a walking absolute.

    Ponder on.

  4. what do you mean by here?… Here, as in the entry? Here, as in my blog? Here, as in the world?

  5. Hi denise my friend. Wala lang. With all this random lottery of words in a meaningless series of tragedies amid near escapes, let me form a more blunt way of stating facts: like you i am bored and pissed off.

  6. Hahahaha… Exactly. Well put.

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