An Afternoon of Love and A Dawn of Homework

Here I am, at 1:30 in the morning, doing my homework for my Acting and Directing class. We have to do a reaction paper on the musical movie West Side Story. In reality, I’ve been putting off getting to know that story. I’ve been too busy and detached from my love of theater for too long. How long have been procrastinating about it? About two years. Hah. Finally, it caught up to me, huh?

Turns out, the story isn’t so bad after all. It’s an adaptation or a remake of some sort of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. I don’t really know why… but West Side Story appeals more to me. Maybe it’s the modern-ness of it all.

After watching the movie, I got to thinking about my boyfriend and my relationship with him. I’ve been with him for the past 14 months. It hasn’t been great and easy all the time but I find myself loving him more and more. It was crazy of me but after watching the movie and seeing lovers getting killed before their time, I texted him and said “Pangga (Love), don’t go doing anything to hurt yourself, okay?” He texted me back with an “Okay.” I don’t know if he took me seriously or not.

Yesterday afternoon, which happens to be just a few hours ago, he came over. And it was great. I finally got to spend time with him to just relax and indulge in ourselves. It was amazing. The hectic week was worth it. Even making my homework at this time of the day is worth it!

I know I wrote about not really liking marriage and all…. But I really cannot wait to get married to Jay. It’s taking forever! And it’s starting to piss me off. Let’s get college over with already! I can just imagine our wedding: it will be at 12 midnight during the summer with a full moon and a star-filled sky; my dress will be black with a red bodice, full skirt and all; my shoes will be a pair of black leather Chucks; my bouquet will be made up of white roses and lilies. And then at around 5 or 6 in the morning, we’ll witness out first sunrise as husband and wife.

I’m sorry for getting so cheesy. This is what love stories, no matter how tragic, do to me. I’m just a hopeless romantic. And I will be dead meat if I don’t finish my reaction paper in time.


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