Hesitant to Return

It’s been several months since I have played pRO. I miss it. I’m just a bit hesistant to play again because I know so many things have probably have changed. So many quests and events. Plus there’s a new patch coming up. I dunno what to do. It would be kinda weird to play again because I’m sure there are more bots and less real people. I also don’t know what has happened to my few friends.

And I have gotten used to the power-trip I get from playing in private servers. Yeah, it’s illegal. So sue me. But it’s fun! I’m sorry. The power I feel. Just imagine a priest being able to put a dent in the HP of a sader or a wiz or a sinX. I can’t do that in pay-to-play servers. But I’ve also stopped playing in private servers. I’m sort of getting ready to forget the high I get from my power.

I thought I should just tell myself. /heh


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