Before I logged in, I was already formulating my entry for tonight. I thought it would work out but I guess I thought wrong. I’m not really feeling it today. Or even yesterday. Up to the minute of this writing, life’s being a bitch. Or my feelings are making me think it is. This entry will have to do. I really need to let things out somehow. I’ve been silent all day except for my sobs and my forlorn sighs. And my ranting about my boyfriend. It’s been crazy. And I’m not any saner. When I am, I’ll write something more profound. Hahahahaha.

Today, I have fallen in love with sleeping. I never really knew how wonderfully comforting it is until today. All I did was sleep even though there were festivities going on in the streets of Cebu. I was too upset and too depressed and too annoyed. And sleep was my only companion. It was only too great. But like all great things, it had to end. My dad woke me up because we had to go to mass.

Oh well.


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