The Stigma of “straightened side-part hairstyle covering one eye”

Cebu, Philippines. The emo subculture has taken over the minds of the Cebuano youth. I don’t know how it is in the other parts of the Philippines, but the Visayan area seems to show the same signs of infection. Lots of bands converting their style to be in (Not all. But a lot.). Girls going from girly to “emo-ly” dressed. Happy faces becoming suddenly sullen and sad. I don’t know what the heck is going on but it sickens me to think that the Cebuano youth cannot be depressed in the normal way. By normal, I mean, not turning into an emo kid.However, I will not deny that I was once an emo kid. Yes, I was fond of all the stuff attached to being emo. Even the messenger bags with pins. These days, I sometimes still have the hairstyle, the fashion stuff and all that jazz but just for the sake of expressing myself.

Okay, then. This entry is not supposed to be an emo bashing session. I was just gonna share some pictures and a quote. Oh, and I’m sorry to my non-Cebuano speakers out there, if any. I’ll try to translate the quote but the joke will be lost in the process.

“Basta ba diay sagpa ug buhok, EMO na? Paking Shet!” – Dr. Jose Rizal
(Does having “straightened side-part hairstyle covering one eye” mean I’m EMO? F*cking Sh*t!)

Here is a picture of the beloved Dr. Jose Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines:

Dr. Jose Rizal

As if the quote hasn’t said it all, I’ll try a more direct approach to get my message across: LAY OFF MY GODDAMN HAIRSTYLE!!! Or anyone else’s, for that matter. Like the rest of the physical world, nothing is what it appears to be.But if that’s the case… If anyone wants to piss about hair and the emo-ness of it all, here are some other famous EMO celebrities: (They’re all I can think of for now. If anyone knows other celebrities, please let me know…. Thanks a bunch.)

EMO girls

EMO boys

Oh, and last but not the least, let’s not forget me and my oh-so-emo hair:

Emo Denz


2 Responses

  1. I think I’ve seen many of them here in Japan. And when you go to the barber shops or salons, the haircut magazines hardly contain non-EMO styles (if its a style of that sort).

    blog hopping.. greetings!

  2. Oh…cool!/heh

    If it’s a fad of some sort there, it’s the same here. However, there’s a really bad connotation attached to it. It’s like when someone says suicide, people cringe. Or something like that. In Cebu, the emo subculture is spiraling to its doom./pif

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