Yesterday, I went to the salon and got a hair trim. I certainly have put it off for too long. And the feeling was amazing! I just love it when people play with my hair. In the gentle way, of course. You know, like caressing it and similar gestures. I also like it when someone combs my hair for me. And most especially, massages on the head. Booooyyyy…. The feeling is out of this world!

Headgasm. That’s what I get after a few touches. I feel sleepy and relaxed.

I should get my boyfriend here to massage my head. I need to feel good.


2 Responses

  1. Headgasmic? hehehe its the first time i’ve heard that word.

  2. Ahh… Well, it’s kinda like EARgasmic – when something SOUNDS so good. Or ORGasmic – when it feels good to the ORGAN DOWN THERE?!?… hehehehe… I really dunno… But it’s kinda like that. I just made up the word. hehehehe….

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