Know What You’re Afraid Of…

Then maybe you won’t be so scared.

We were talking about rain forest ecosystems in our Geography class this afternoon. There was mention of snakes and then everyone cringed and started feeling uncomfortable. Our teacher said that we really shouldn’t be afraid of snakes. We should get to know them more so we won’t be so scared because in reality, they are more scared of us.

I happen to think that I am a big scaredy-cat. I’m not ashamed to admit that because it’s true. I’m afraid of taking chances and risks. I’m scared of being alone even if I want to be at times. I’m scared of ghosts that I have never seen. And above everything else, I’m terrified of myself and the power of my mind.

But I’m sure we all are. Scared of something, I mean. And we’re scared because we don’t know. We have no idea. Because it’s all vague and unclear to our five senses. Take the future for example. Oh lordie! We’ll always be afraid of that. Because we’ll never know.
No matter how much planning we make, we will never really know.

But aside from the future, there will somehow be things we’re scared of that we have at least some control of. Like my fear of cockroaches. I feel asphyxiated at the sight of them. But maybe if I got to know them better, then maybe I won’t be so scared. So I’ll go and google them, okay?… Well, I already did. And they’re not so scary. The only problem now is to condition my mind.

Maybe that’s the reason behind the saying “Knowledge is power.” The more you know, the more your fears are dispelled. The more you know, the more confident you feel. The more you know, the less unexpected things there are.

Or not.


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