The Most Vulgar Word of the Year is…


Oh my lordie. It has to be the most depressing time of the year. For me, anyway. I don’t get all the celebration and all the happiness. I don’t get the requirement of gift giving. I don’t understand why it’s the only time of whole friggin’ year that people will give “love” and “forgiveness” to their archenemies. And then take it right back in the first quarter of the next year.

It’s all so fake.

Maybe that’s what it should be, Fake Day. The fakest day among all the other days we have to be fake. The Eve of Fake Day is December 24 and December 25 is Fake Day.

I really don’t get it. Forgive me for being cynical but I just can’t help but be one. And heck no! I’m not becoming the Grinch. No way. If people want to celebrate Fake Day… oh, I mean Christmas, then let them by all means… For all I care.

I’m not a devout Christian so I don’t have any right to say this, I guess, but isn’t Christmas supposed to be the day when the said Jesus Christ was born? It’s supposed to be the day when we become all joyous for his coming to this world? Just like when we celebrate our own birthdays.

Then why are people sad? Why must we give boat loads of gifts to people we love and equally hate? It’s all about the Man, they say. Why isn’t it about the Man? If the family is complete, we shouldn’t be wallowing in sadness. We’re celebrating for the Man, for crying out loud. We should pop those party poppers and buy him ice cream and cake. We should be happy.

If people just want to have a reason to give extravagant gifts, they should ask Hallmark to make a holiday – just one day – for that purpose. Hallmark can do anything if it’s about creating holidays.  If people want to give and take their “love” and “forgiveness to their enemies, they have the whole goddamn year! Why wait for December 24 and 25?!

Hmmm…. This just came into my mind. My theory of how Christmas became Fuckin’ Fake Day: From a pagan tradition, it was adopted by the Catholic Church. Then after it became “Christianized,” the market system took advantage of it. It has become so fuckin’ commercialized. And now it has lost all it’s meaning. It really has. It’s a Fuckin’ Fake and Empty Day. Just all other days of the year.

Isn’t it all so pointless? I really don’t get it. Christmas is now officially a word on my vulgar list. It’s so misused and abused. Nothing is happy about Christmas. And I don’t think it’s the season to be jolly, fa la la la la la la la la. And most of all, I don’t believe it’s the day of Christ’s birth. It’s just the winter solstice occuring like it did back in the Roman empire, thousands of years ago.


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