When’s Your Writing Time?

I love writing during the wee hours of the morning. It’s so quiet and everything appears to be so peaceful. My minds flows with such fluidity that I wish it could always be that way even during the busy hours of the day.

I read a book by Jerry Spinelli called Stargirl. The wise man in the story said that we are most human, most at one with our ancestors during that moment in the morning when we just opened our eyes, the moment before we are fully aware of the modern world bustling about us.

For me, that time is during dawn. When the stars are at their brightest, as if they are trying to show off their brilliance to the  spectators before the sun robs it all away for the next 12 hours. It is during dawn when I feel most at one with my soul. When all the layers peel away leaving a free spirit.

That is why the things I write at dawn greatly differ from the ones I write during the day. What I write during the day are the things that people expect me to write. What I write at dawn comes from my spirit. The spirit that is at one with the soul of the world, as far as Paulo Coelho goes.

I haven’t reached that point when all day become like the dawn. When the worldly worries don’t bother me so much. Till then, I’ll take solace in the thought that the dawn will not cease to come (at least in my lifetime).


2 Responses

  1. I write blog updates (or at least the bulk of an update) during breakfast, though the idea for the article is usually from a queue of things to write about written on my organizer, probably days/weeks/months older than the actual article.

    My fiction usually gets written during the latter part of the day or very late at night, depending on my level of stress/activity.

    Commissioned requests, ghost writing, and other income-generating works usually get done during evenings.

    I’m not sure why I opt for this kind of schedule but whatever works, works. Maybe it helps me not mix all my writings up, or maybe not. I dunno. XD

  2. I also write blog entries in the morning, usually right after waking up or after eating breakfast. The ideas are from the things I’ve observed from the previous day. That’s what I hate about me. If the other day has been an emotional one for me, I don’t write anything in my blog.

    For class essays and such, I write them during the day or early in the evening when I’m still in the student mode.

    Then the stuff I write at dawn are usually dreamy stuff. About the soul of the world. My dreams. All the impossible stuff.

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