Troubled Filipino Teens

The Filipino culture advocates laughter like it will solve everything in this world. I know laughter makes things bearable to a certain extent but at the end of the day, maybe the person will just end up feeling bad because he doesn’t fit in with the typical happy Pinoy. I know, because that’s how I felt. Now, I have learned to laugh and be genuinely happy. Day by day, I laugh more and actually feel happy.

But it really bothers me a whole lot that I can’t do anything for all the other Filipino kids who are cutting themselves to cope with emotional pain, those who laugh with their barkadas but wet their pillows at night with their tears, those who have split personalitites, those who have been abused as kids or as adults, those who feel isolated from everyone else, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

I’ve been planning to make a forum just like Safe Haven. It’s a forum for the people like the ones I mentioned above. And everyone else in between. Th last time I checked, I was the ony one from the Philippines who was a member. The other kid from Asia was a Korean, I think. I want to give anyone and everyone who needs a safe place, just that: a safe place. Where they won’t feel censored and inhibited to be themselves. No matter what or who they are.

But I have no idea how to make a forum. I need help.


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