The Best Thing Ragnarok Online Gave Me

It has given me the chance to relearn patience:

Level grind – My first time to create a character and I had to choose a priest! Man, was I frustrated. I kept thinking how helpless I was. I mainly depended on other characters to level up. Then I discovered that I could do it on my own. SLOWLY. And to think that it was important that I’d reach job 50 before changing jobs. But I finally did it. With the help of my boyfriend and another priest.

It has taught me to be more stingy:

Zeny Saving – I’m poor in the game. So I have to save and save and save. And loot and loot and loot. Jay calls me “MMDA” when we’re going through maps and he’s killing monsters while I keep bending over for loots.

It has taught me to be more carefree (to some extent):

Offensive Players – Sure. I hate rude people. But what the heck can I do about people who live thousands of kilometers away from me? So, yeah, I’m learning to let things slide more. Before, in-game and in-real-life situations, I would grow awfully furious and ruin everyone’s day. Now, it’s better. Or not. I don’t really know.

The bestest thing I got from RO is…

a sense of being someone. I don’t really care if it’s too superficial or whatnot. It doesn’t really matter. I enjoy doing things I’m good at. In RO, I’m good at being a support priestess so I’m enjoying it a whole lot.

Thank you Philippine Ragnarok Online!


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